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7 Ways To Stop Overeating After Workout

After a brisk and strenuous workout, you tend to feel at the top of the world. You may also feel as fit to fight a lion with bare hands or conquer empires by the next few minutes. However, what you mostly feel is hunger or, simply get possessed by the idea of it, because you think that you have lost all your flab in the 40-minutes workout schedule. So, you dish out a plateful and gorge till you drop.

This though, is the route to gaining 2 times more than what you have actually lost while exercising. This is also something like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back, which means that the very purpose of putting in all this hard work gets negated. If you are alerted enough, here are 7 good ways you can resort to in order to keep yourself from overeating immediately after workout…

1)      Keep a plateful of low calorie natural options ready – Curbing your craving completely may be difficult at first. So, you can keep a plateful of low calorie healthy fresh alternative ready and close at hand. This can be a bowlful of berries or a cup of chilled probiotic yogurt with diced fruits or even an assortment of roasted nuts.

diet foods afer workout

2)      Drink ½ to 1 liter water – This is one of the ways to curb appetite almost immediately while flushing out toxins from the body. Keep a bottle of mineral water ready for grabs, which can pose as the first obstacle between you and your refrigerator preventing you in turn from pulling out calorie laden delicacies.

3)      Lock your refrigerator and lose the keys – This can sound crazy, but it works! Lock your refrigerator and hand the keys to a trusted family member to hide till dinner time. Punishing as this may sound, it does work and focuses your attention more on water than anything else.

4)      Call up your BFF immediately after and boast your schedule – When your mouth is engaged communicating the details of your day to someone who cares, you are least likely to indulge in snacking. Keep your post workout time to follow up with your friends, relatives, and other close people and engage in a productive chat. This way, you will achieve the bonus of maintaining good relationships while earning a better silhouette.

5)      Practice Shavasana – Shavasana is a Yogic posture which means the ‘Corpse position’. All you have to do is lie down flat on your exercise mat, lay your hands by your side and relax completely. This is the simplest and the most effective stress relieving exercise that can be performed at the end of all exercise schedules. The effect is such that you will be so mentally stable and relaxed that you will not feel the need to eat is your body does not ask for it! Easy, Miraculous and worth the try.

6)      Head straight for a relaxing bath – Spending a good half to 1 hour soaked in fragrant bath salts is refreshing, relaxing and prevents you from heading straight to the refrigerator.

7)      Exercise conscious restraint – This can be difficult but not impossible. Learn to say ‘NO’ to yourself and reap the advantages of being mentally strong as well.