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Are you thinking of something healthy this Valentine’ Day for your beloved?

So, your lifestyle indulges in devoting a whole lot of love towards some healthy workout hours! But your beloved does not share the same equation with you, when it comes to wellness or fitness? However, you eagerly want your partner to embrace more exercise and workout in their daily routine to sweat out everyday stress or cut the unnecessary flab, and in turn, find some good reason to spend some time together. But the question is how, as bribing and nagging has not been of much help!

mountainbike couple outdoors

Here are few tactful means to inspire the non-fitness folks in your life to get into running, cycling and exercising while you enjoy some special hours with them.

Because money matters

If you could show a brighter side for joining the gym, for instance, you got a grand deal of discount on joining the gym. And when it is with you, it’s definitely a bonus! There are good chances of him showing some interest as money angle always seems to work better!

Alluring benefits that can’t be ignored

If things do not work directly you ought to speak the language your partner would instantly get enticed.  Tell your boyfriend, husband or partner the huge deal on massages, the five star ambiences at lucrative prices and abundant opportunity for entertainment on the LED screens.

dinner date 2

For the sake of dog love

This mostly works!  If you manage to spill a small sorry story about visiting the vet for your dog’s deteriorating health, and doc’s concern about excessive weight gain invigorating heart problems for your dog, it might instantly trigger the pet love. And inspire him to take regular walks at the jogger’s park with his dog, but, if you think again, indirectly your work will be done!

Dog walk

You can always give him surprises!

If he seems to smartly turn down your ideas of making him workout, you can also give a –with-love surprise that he won’t be able to back out from. What? You can sign up for couple yoga retreats or a salsa dance course and then just say, “I have a surprise for you”!


Compliments can work like magic

Throw some compliments at him and then to your muscular trainer, but not making it very obvious, of course!  Okay, so when you go out for a coffee or get back home after hitting the gym, you could express sadly, how much you wish he accompanied you and patiently handled you at the machines than being handled by the random brawny rugged trainers. And add the I-wish extended liner like, ‘could you meet after work tomorrow?’. Call it flattery, sweet jealousy or whatever, it works too often than you realize.  He might land up to your gym centre, end up trying few sets and like it so much; you will have to no longer convince him. Dramatic but achievable, sigh!

gym romance

Breaking the stereotype Exercise Plan!

Who said only the regular gyms or a fitness centers are ideal ways to have a healthy lifestyle? If you are looking for some opportunities of including some fitness programs in his or her life then you plant a fitness date. Weird! Not really, in fact it is fun if you see! How? You can go hiking, go swimming, or on a surfing trip on weekend. You also plan tennis after work as a stress buster. It is physical, it is fun and it’s a perfect date.

Okay, if all fails what will certainly work, are your tears. Talk about your endless love and wish a healthy hearty life together. See how your beloved jumps on the boat of love, emotions and health! Wink!