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5 Romantic Activity Dates For Valentine’s Day

Flowers, chocolates and odes of love are the 3 pillars upon which the present day concept of Valentine’s Day rests. However, as far as the matter of dating on the 14th of February is concerned, things have taken a turn from the usual romantic candle lit dinners to something more pro health and fun without compromising on the romance front. Here are 5 such romantic activity dates that you can try for a newer experience of Valentine’s Day date…

Dance through the night – Be it jazz, waltz, tango or the classic ballroom, dancing your way through the 14th and into the 15th is one of the best romantic activities you can consider this Valentine’s Day. While you will manage to break a sweat and lose some calories, you will also be able to hold your date closer to you than you may have thought in your wildest dreams. A treat indeed!

Dance through the night

Take a romantic hike – There is nothing more romantic in the world than nature in its virgin beauty. Hiking through meandering rocky paths etched along the hills and mountainous slopes while witnessing the beauty of lush green forests and wild flowers can be a treat to the ever hungry eyes. Hand in hand with your loved one, you can cherish this untamed beauty while losing a few good calories and shaping up your lower body at the same time.

romantic hike

Don’t forget the boat ride – This classic Elizabethan form of dating is very valid even now. Row, row, row a boat gently through the 14th for one of the most pleasant experiences of your life. If you have ever thought of proposing this Valentine’s Day, this could make a memorable option for you. While you and your date can experience the quite romantic beauty of pristine lake environment, you can work out your shoulders and work up some valid hunger for a heavy dinner in the process, without fearing the calorie load. A must-try indeed!

romantic boat ride

Go for couples’ yoga – Relaxing yoga and meditation classes for couples are available aplenty today from reputed yoga institutions and studios world over. Being a one day session, these classes usually focus upon complete elimination piled up stress from the mind and body and enhancing empathy between couples for experiencing a happier togetherness. The sessions which may stretch anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours basically includes basic stretching, breathing exercises and calming meditation. This is perhaps one of the most thoughtful ways of spending your Valentine’s day.

couples’ yoga

Cycle through the city – What could be more classic than witnessing the love spread lavishly in the air by cycling with your loved one through the city? Experience the vibrant decorations and the rush for love while paddling your bike through the lanes with your date by your side. Exercising could not get any more exciting than this. Work out your legs while you work on your love, and of course, don’t forget to tie those blood red heart balloons on the handles of your bicycle.