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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: Diet And Fitness Plan

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally tied the knot and people were left wondering how the outstanding actor now pushing 50s and the dazzling beauty at 39 could be so gloriously glamorous. Dressed n pristine white gown with a cascading veil hand crafted by her 6 children, she was a picture perfect bride walking up the aisle to say ‘I Do’ to the dapper and vibrantly energetic Pitt. For those still dazed at how the couple manages to maintain their youthfulness at the age that they stand, the answer can be sought in the diet and fitness plan they follow almost religiously.

Brad Pitt’s Diet and Fitness Routine

Standing 5’11” tall and maintaining weight at around 170 lbs, Brad Pitt has set examples when it comes to delivering the ultimate shape for the ultimate roles. His roles in Troy and Fight Club can be mentioned as shining examples. However, as far as everyday diet is concerned, the actor emphasizes more on lean proteins and goes moderate on carbohydrates. He is regular with a dozen eggs, oatmeal with raisins and protein shakes in the early hours of the day followed by, green vegetables, chicken breast, grilled fish, brown rice / pasta for lunch and dinner. Low fat cottage cheese, tuna in whole wheat pita bread etc forms his snacks.

Brad Pitt Diet Plan

As far as his exercise schedule goes, Brad Pitt focuses more on being active throughout the week than sticking with particular routines for long. He usually swears by cardiovascular exercises and engages in the same for a few days in a week. For particular roles, he follows schedules particularly charted out for a certain period of time, which could be a few weeks or even months. Basically, he believes that nothing can be achieved by overdoing. Rest is very necessary for a great body and glowing skin.

Angelina Jolie’s Diet and Fitness Routine

The epitome of beauty and the envy of millions, Angelina Jolie stands out among the rest of the actors for the enigma that she is. For those thinking that a perfect face matched with a perfect body is a gift of God, think again because there is a whole lot of hard work involved in toning every inch of every single muscle in her body. Her exercise schedule is evenly distributed throughout the week and includes a range of cardiovascular exercises, core training, circuit training, martial arts like kick boxing and Krav Maga along with a healthy dose of relaxation exercises.

Angelina Jolie Diet

As far as her diet is concerned, there was a time when a little birdie hinted at the star surviving at nothing more than a 600 calorie diet. However, matters have moved on since then to reveal that Angelina has been devoted to natural foods like quinoa, chia seeds, coconut oil, lush green vegetables and lean proteins. Besides her devotion to nuts and seeds, it has been reported lately that the diva has been snacking on some ancient grains that helps her maintain her silhouette while allowing nutrition to her frame.

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