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Maria Sharapova’s Diet Routine For A Perfect Body

Standing tall at 6 ft 2, with a lean athletic frame and a face carved by angels, Maria Sharapova is one of those wonders in the world of sports that gets everyone thinking as to how an individual can become ‘perfection personified’. Irrespective of the ranks she may be placed in by the Women’s Tennis Association, she features right at the top when it comes to giving the dames of the glossy pages a wild run for their money. As an inevitable consequence, there has been quite a hullabaloo about getting to the bottom of the diet and exercise schedule she follows to keep in such wondrous shape. The good news is the star has opened up her diet secret before the world and for those willing to embrace the same can pull their socks up and get going.

Sharapova’s Diet

Here’s a piece of information that may be a little difficult for the lovers of size zero to digest. This young tennis champion ensures engaging in 3 full square meals a day complete with snacking. The focus of her diet is to maintain high levels of protein accompanied by a proper support of a healthy dose of carbohydrates which is imperative to include in the diet to maintain the near inhuman fitness that is required to deliver such unbelievable performances in the court.

Berries, yogurt, vegetable smoothies, oatmeal etc are some of her top preferences for breakfast. Her lunch is full with whole wheat grain sandwiches and fish in various healthy preparations. Dinner mostly revolves around soups and lean meat. Maria has also revealed her love for goat cheese which she includes in her diet from time to time, but seldom before her matches. As far as snacking is concerned, the sports diva indulges in a variety of fruits and walnuts. Hummus and guacamole also features in her snack preferences.

Most importantly though, Maria Sharapova stresses on staying well hydrated all through the day which is crucial to maintain youthful vitality practically at any age.

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The Star’s Exercise Schedule

Being involved with an extremely physically demanding sport, Maria Sharapova engages in exercise schedule that helps her keep up with the pace without displaying an inch of slack. High intensity cardiovascular workouts along with proper circuit training form an integral part of her routine. However, Maria is naturally bent to stay physically active and thus, enjoys a variety of other activities which includes regular gym workouts, yoga and biking. She also has an inclination to dancing and takes salsa classes as well.

6 days of workout followed by one day of thorough relation completes her week successfully. It relieves her system of stress while refreshing her for the next 6 days of thorough workout schedule.

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