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5 Great Desserts To Lose Weight

Desserts and weight loss are usually perceived as the two different banks of a river… they just don’t seem to meet! For the lovers of desserts who are also the ones in the process of shedding some serious weight, this side of the truth can be a wee bit overwhelming, not to mention ‘depressing’ at times. However, on a brighter note, the 21st century has innovative solutions to just about anything, so you be hopeful about encountering desserts that will actually help you lose weight than otherwise. Here is a list of 5 such options that can definitely form a part of your diet plan that you can relish and cherish at the same time…

Fresh Fruits with Low Fat Ice Cream – This one is perhaps the simplest option that he world has in store to offer! It is not just easy to make but tastes divine at the same time. All you have to do is to chop a bowlful of fruits of your choice and add a scoop of low-fat ice cream to it in a flavor that suits you best. Opting for berries and other fiber rich fruits could be highly beneficial in the sense that they are great to taste while the fiber in these fruits will help process the sugar intake for the better.

chopped fruits with ice cream

Exotic Mango Yogurt Blend – This is a very high nutrition and reasonably low-calorie dessert. All you need in this dessert is a cupful of sweet diced mangoes and a cupful of low-fat yogurt and NOTHING else! You can blend the two in a mixer for a thick and heavenly treat. You can preserve a part of the chopped mango pieces and add it to the paste for a chunky delight. You can also choose to top it with a spoonful of chopped and roasted nuts of your choice for an extra dose of health and crunch.

Mango Yogurt blend

Fruits with Dark Molten Chocolate – There is nothing that tastes more sinful than this. All you need is feebly sweetened dark chocolate (more than 72% cocoa content) and slices fruits of your choice. More often than not, pears and apples work wonderfully with this option and a bowlful is all that is necessary. However, you can also use chopped fruits and berries in a bowl and add a dash of molten dark chocolate in it for the same impactful taste and health advantage.

Fruits with Dark Molten Chocolate

Baked Almond Stuffed in Peaches – While there are a few different recipes to this one of a kind dessert, you can try the simplest one. This includes stuffing halved and semi scooped peaces with toasted almonds and dried apricots and baking it to golden brown. This option is packed with health and is very filling so, you will seldom feel the necessity to exceed two!

Baked Almond Stuffed in Peaches

Lemon Mousse with Strawberries – While it is true that the ingredients of lemon mousse does include cream, gelatin and sugar, the fact that you will not be eating a bucketful of the contents makes it healthy option worthy of trying. Also considering the fact that you can top it with strawberries or berries of your choice, this can be a tasty and healthy treat altogether! Take this as one of the best diet tips that can give you good results.