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Diet And Fitness Plan Of Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been named as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2011 by People’s Magazine for all the right reasons. His chiseled abs and super toned musculature that has been worked to perfection has been an inspiration to thousands of seekers of a perfect body. Following the craze and curiosity of millions of fans to learn his secrets, the actor has allowed a sneak peek into his diet and fitness schedule.

Fitness Plan of Bradley Cooper 

Bradley Cooper engages in the 3 – 2 – 1 fitness plan which basically includes 3 sets of cardio exercises, 2 sets of weight training and 1 set of core strengthening exercises. All of these combined forms 1 circuit. He repeats this circuit (which lasts for about 10 minutes) as many times as may be necessary or as instructed. This high intensity interval training (HIIT) exposes the body to maximum levels of stress which plays a very important role in shaping and strengthening his form while burning out fat in the speediest possible way.

cooper fitness plan

Push ups, bench press, squats, jump rope running, alternate knee jump rope, military press, planks and medicine balls can be mentioned among the other exercises that form a part of Bradley Cooper’s schedule. Besides the basic exercise schedule, Bradley Cooper also loves to take his exercises outdoors and engages in running along the slopes. Running on the mountain track in Vancouver (his home) has helped him burn fat and all excess calories while shaping up his legs to perfection.

However, the 7% body fat level has not just been achieved with the help of a rigorous exercise schedule only. Right intake of the right food has an equal contribution to develop this lean and rippled physique.

Bradley Cooper’s Diet Plan 

Bradley Cooper basically maintains a 2100 calorie diet which is divided neatly into 5 different meals stretched out through the day. His focus rests mainly with wholesome nutritious food that is rich in essential nutrients, fiber and protein. Considering the nature of his exercises which is more towards building a lean muscular form, intake of lean protein in the right content and through the right sources forms a very crucial part of his diet plan. Eggs, lean turkey, lean meat, chicken and protein shakes finds a place in his plate.

Bradley Cooper believes that hydration is the key to good health and contributes to great shape. So, he ensures drinking ample water throughout the day. He has also displayed his liking for green tea which he prefers over the usual caffeinated brews.

Word of Caution for Eager Enthusiasts 

Bradley Cooper’s diet and exercise schedule has been specifically designed to suit his particular needs and according to what his body can handle. So, the specific exercise and diet schedules may not be suitable for each and all. It is imperative to seek the guidance of professionals before staring with HIIT training. Any self prescribed format may meet with devastating consequences. It is wise to focus on the best that you own body type can achieve than blindly following celebrity routines.