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Diet And Fitness Plan Of Shakira

Sultry image and dangerous curves, you can never have too much of Shakira when it comes to her frame. Flat and toned just a few months after pregnancy is one of many extraordinary achievements that millions of women round the globe can only dream to have for their own. The good news is, the diet and fitness secrets of this Columbian beauty have been revealed and this may be just the right time to pick up some tips and techniques to approach your dream silhouette.

Fitness secrets of Shakira

If you think that a body as such comes easy, think again. There is a whole lot of effort that goes behind creating the shape and maintaining at the same time. Cardio exercises, strength training and flexibility workouts have been mentioned as the key focus areas of Shakiras fitness routine.

More often than not, her schedule differs slightly depending upon when she is performing and when she is not. Certain exercises like jumping jacks, spiderman climb, spiderman pushups, walking lunges, 1 minutes, wall squat, 1 minute plank, 1 minute spot running, 5 burpees and repeating the sets almost 3 times, usually form a part of her routine.

Besides the strict and seemingly rigid routine, Shakira engages in a lot of fun practices that not just helps keep the weight away but also adds to the quality of her performance. Belly dancing can be mentioned in this respect. She does a lot of belly dancing, the basic exercises of which ensure granting round hips, tiny waist and a flat midsection.

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Diet secrets of Shakira

Shakira’s diet to maintain one of the most coveted shapes in the world, is simple and effective. Her breakfast options include wholegrain toast with low fat cheese, grapefruits, orange juice, pineapples, decaf coffee or tea. Her lunch includes tomato and boiled spinach salad, grilled lean beef steak with pumpkin pudding or spaghetti with vegetables. She ensures eating a bowl of fruit salad for the multifaceted benefits it offers. For dinner, she focuses on wholegrain bread, vegetable soup, lentils along with a dash of fruits.

As far as snacking is concerned, Shakira banks her faith in low fat yogurt, with a number of fruits, low fat cheese or wholegrain toasts. Besides the food that she is supposed to eat, she has carefully left those foods out that usually contribute to weight gain while pulling overall health down. For her, alcohol, nicotine, sweets, caffeinated coffee and junk food per se is strictly forbidden.

Caution for the diehard fans

Shakira follows a diet and fitness plan that suits her frame and her profession. She has a number of professionals monitoring her heath and shape meticulously and regularly so as to ensure that everything is going the right way. Changes are suggested as and when it is required without the diva having to ask for it. So, if you are among the ones who are engaged in a 9 to 5 schedule with bills to pay and chores to complete and want the figure of Rihanna, JLO or Shakira at the same time- it is imperative that you seek professional assistance before embarking on such routines.

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