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Does Internet Really Impact Your Health Adversely? Find out on World Wide Web Day – August 1

Enlightenment and information are the two hands of the clock of progress. You cannot make leaps in technological or overall socio-economical progress without enlightenment and you cannot be enlightened if you don’t have information. It is the quest for enlightenment that geniuses through ages have undertaken millions of miles of journeys through unrelenting seas with unpredictable outcomes. It is for the sake of upliftment of humanity through knowledge that researchers braved inhospitable jungles to locate cures for life threatening diseases.

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Today, as humans have realized and established the importance of information, the internet is created and upheld as a store house for the same. This is one of those intangible platforms where you can find almost any information about any subject on earth merely with the click of a button. Be it about fashion, fun, food, lifestyle, medicine, literature, technology, shopping or anything under the sun, the internet is sure to fish out what you want and present it before your eyes without you having to undertake miles of unpredictable journeys or brave inhospitable terrains.

However, it would benefit one to know that because there is a flip side to everything that exists in the universe, there could be a flipside to the internet as well and let’s take a look at some of the key factors that can put your health at risk on World Wide Web Day, August 1. This has little to do with the concept of internet but more about how it is used. Here are a few ways in which wrong usage of internet can directly impact your health in an adverse way…

  • Staying glued to it for almost all through the day – This is one of the primary reasons that contribute to overall deterioration of health. The internet is entertaining and has plenty to offer to the curious lot. However, if you do spend 8 to 10 hours staring at the screen, you may damage your eyes, wear out your back, become sedentary and also gain weight.
  • Wrong information on health and medicine – Internet is certainly a storehouse of important information with health, medicine and diet among its most searched topics. But, you must never dismiss the fact that the internet is also likely to host unhelpful and sometimes, outright wrong information through not-so-authentic websites. Following the tips, techniques and solutions without counter checking can cause adverse impacts on health.
  • Accessing banned substances – The uniqueness of the internet is often exploited by shady providers of banned substances to reach out to a larger enthusiastic client base. Buying these substances is easier through the internet considering the fact that it is difficult for the regulators to keep an eye individually on billions and billions of websites.

The internet is something like ‘ink’. How helpful or harmful it is lies in how it is used than its characteristic nature.