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4 Tips To Improve Your Metabolism For Quicker Weight Loss

Say Hello to ‘Metabolism’

The process of metabolism can be described as certain ‘life sustaining transformations that happen at a cellular level in all living organisms’. This is in fact, one of those critical processes that differentiate the living from the dead. Two sub processes in the name of ‘Catabolism’ and ‘Anabolism’ constitutes metabolism. Catabolism refers to breaking down the organic matter that enters the body in the form of food and harvesting energy from the same. Anabolism, on the other hand, uses this harvested energy to create and renew the components of the cells in the form of proteins and nucleic acids.

So, how does Metabolism Affect Weight Gain / Loss?

So, if you are wondering how this essentially cellular activity should be anything of your concern while in the process of losing weight, your attention needs to be drawn towards the terms ‘energy’ and calories. It is a rule written in stone that when you are attempting to shed pounds, you must keep a count on your calorie intake or burn it off as early as possible. This ‘calorie’ is actually the energy that the food eaten by you contributes to the body.

Now, when the process of catabolism is speeded up in your body, you can be rest assured that your meals and snacks of the day will be broken down faster and put to good use through the process of anabolism, thereby helping you to burn off the calories instead of storing them. So, the interrelation of increased metabolism and weight loss is quite clear. If you have a sluggish metabolism and everything that you eat seem to get deposited in all the difficult places in your body, here are 4 simple tips to help speed up the same.

1) Engage in Cardio exercises 5 days a week – Thorough cardiovascular workout claims a lot of energy. While speed jogging, swimming, practicing martial arts, kick boxing, circuit training, weight training etc, the process of metabolism speeds up naturally to meet the requirements of the body that has been put to face extremes. Thus, within a week or 2, your body will get the signal that it has to keep the anabolic and catabolic process high and thus, burn off the calories with speed even when you take a day off exercising.

Cardio exercises

2) Eat the right food – Besides exercising, you will also have to ensure that the food that you eat is easy to burn. When you introduce super saturated carbohydrates and complex substances as such, the process of metabolism slows down because of its inability to deal with the unnatural components introduced as source of energy. Sticking to natural foods like fresh green vegetables, colored vegetables, fruits, certain grains, nuts and lean sources of proteins is best to boost metabolism.

Eat the right food

3) Ensure maintaining proper Inorganic Nutrient levels in body – The role of inorganic nutrients in the body is critical to boost metabolism. Sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron etc can be mentioned in this respect. While these nutrients are usually drawn from the food we eat, the process of cooking or inauthentic source can take a toll on the same. Taking supplements is usually a good idea to maintain the levels of these inorganic nutrients in the body which eventually boosts and maintains metabolism.

Nutrients Food

4) Engage in yoga / Tai Chi for long term benefits – Wellness and meditative arts like yoga and Tai Chi is known for casting near miraculous benefits on the body. In fact, there are certain postures and exercises in these two streams that ensure keeping metabolism at its peak.


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