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Foods That You Can Eat To Burn Calories Faster

Understanding food and calories:

All food that owes its roots to nature contains calories. These calories are in fact, the life giving and sustaining energy which plays its part for tasks even as small and unnoticeable as batting your eyelids. In very simple words, ‘calories’ is the fuel that your body uses to continue with all its essential functions. These functions stretch from making each and every involuntary organs and glands work as intended to helping individuals achieve their physical voluntary functions like walking, talking, sleeping, performing different mobile / stationary activities etc.

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When calories become ‘fat’:

Basically, an average adult who is physically active requires 2000 to 3000 calories everyday depending upon their individual needs. When taken in excess, the body stores the extra calories as ‘fat’ which is one of the horrors that civilized humans are facing in the present century. For those who have not been careful with their calories and have put on the pounds should attempt at the intake of lower than the required amount of calories per day, which will eventually force the body to burn out the stored stock.


Walking in reverse:

For burning the stored stock, you will have to get back to the lap of nature and eat nothing more than a leafy green diet with a dash of fresh fruits, nuts and sources of lean protein. This is perhaps, the only way in which intake of food is related to the ‘loss of calories’. Nevertheless, it has been seen through certain researches carried out by nutritionists of renowned institutions that there are in fact, certain foods, which when eaten at certain times of the day without any other sources of high calories preceding or following the same, can actually result faster burning out of fat even without additional help of exercising. Some of these can be mentioned as follows:

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Food that you can eat to burn calories faster:

• Fresh citrus fruit and juices like that of grapefruit, orange juice, lemon juice etc can be mentioned among the first when it comes to burning out the excesses.

• Apples and an assortment of berries like the blue berries, strawberries etc also add to the cause.

• Adding celery juice to the daily diet can also work like magic considering the fact that it has properties to burn out faster than the quantity at which it is taken.

• Nothing however can beat avocadoes when it comes to fighting calories. Being rich in monounsaturated fat, it boosts metabolism like no other inputs in the diet possibly can.

• The next factor to consider is Omega 3 which is a form of nutrient that has to be earned from external sources considering the fact that our bodies don’t produce it naturally. Fishes like salmon, herring and tuna are some of the few reliable sources to mention. Omega 3 is known for regulating metabolism, which makes it an essential food when it comes to burning out calories.

• Certain spices like a variety of peppers can help speed up your metabolism and thus, help in burning out the calorie intake faster.

Besides the mentioned, a variety of nuts and whole grains also play their role in countering the calories. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts can be mentioned in this respect.

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