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How Happiness Can Just Happen On The 8th Of August

Happiness can just happen and there is no better way to establish this fact in the world than admitting your happiness on the 8th of August which is the official Happiness Happens Day! If all the stress caused by the everyday grind has clouded your share of mirth, this day allows you every reason to break free and enjoy your share of joys to which you have every inch of inalienable right. Here are a few good ways to make your 8th of August worth every second you spend awake…


Enjoy your day in the spa – Relaxation brings in a sense of fulfillment which escalates to a sense of happiness. If you have not been devoting time to yourself lately, 8th of August is just the day to hit your nearest spa and unload all the accumulated stress.

Do a ‘good deed’ – Happiness is best experienced when spread among others. If there is someone you know, human or animal who could do with a little help from you, do not keep yourself from extending this essential help to the same. The happiness you will earn in return would have a divine touch to it.

Invest in a home gym / treadmill – Regular workouts is known to release feel-good hormones that go a long way to inject happiness in each and every day of your life. So, if you have been avoiding workouts lately, or have never given a thought to exercising so far, Happiness Happens Day could be the best day to invest in a home gym or simply, a treadmill.

Sign yourself up for yoga / meditation classes – When your mind is calm and body is composed, happiness becomes a permanent state of your being. Through good times or in bad, you don’t react by being overjoyed or sad; you just respond with the right actions that best suit the circumstance.

Yoga and meditation is known for establishing such peaceful mental and physical harmony. If you have not experienced the wonders of such permanent feeling of happiness, 8th of August is the right time to gift yourself with at least, a weeklong Yoga and Meditation session.

Reestablish contact with your old friends and mend differences with friends / neighbors – You cannot be really happy if you are still holding past grudges against friends, relatives, neighbors and others who you may know. Happiness happens day is just the right time to reestablish contacts and mend differences with your loved ones and experience the therapeutic joys of being together again.

Participate in the 8th of August Celebrations – last but certainly not the least, you must participate in the 8th August celebrations in your locality and display your pro-happiness nature. an act as such is self rewarding in itself!