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How To Make 8 Glasses Of Water Your Every Day Health Companion

Do you know that 2/3 rd of the human body is water? Do you know that water comprises 75% of the human brain? Do you know that all the vital functions in our body are supported by water? Do you also know that water does not automatically create itself inside the body and that it has to be ingested like the other sources of nutrition that we eat as a part of our daily diet? This brings us to opening our eyes to the fact that people of this century have the slightest clue about the advantages of drinking 8 glasses of H2O every single day.

Drinking 8 glasses of water every day is the simplest of all keys to great health and here are a few good ways to make water your daily health companion…

Don’t wait till you are thirsty – Waiting till you are thirsty is just as good as sending out open invitation to dehydration. Thirst is the first symptom of dehydration and is best when avoided. The trick is to sip water through the day or drinking certain fixed quantities at regular intervals of time. Not being home is not a good excuse to stop sipping on this life sustaining fluid. If you are on your way out, try to keep a 500 ml or 250 ml bottle of water in your bag and keep sipping.

Strike the right note with other fluids – You can also strike the right notes with other healthy fluids besides the good old H2O to maintain fluid levels and prevent dehydration. Fresh fruit juices and tea can make great options. A glass of fresh orange juice or vegetable juice contain additional benefits of vital nutrients (like Vitamins and Minerals) as well, that will keep your system replenished with added energy and vitality.

drink juice

Fresh herbal tea like green tea, chamomile tea or garden fresh brews can be thoroughly refreshing and hydrating at the same time. Containing not more than 0 to 3 calories per cup and rich in antioxidant content, herbal teas can be termed the next best option to water.

Things to avoid – A lot of junk can be taken into the system in the name of hydration. Sweetened carbonated beverages, an array of different coffees, floats / cocktails or even canned fruit juices that are rich with sugar and preservatives can be mentioned in this respect. Teas can also be stripped of their hydrating advantages once they are piled up with additives like sugar, milk, cream and others of the sort. In very simple words the fresher the drinks the better it will serve the purpose of hydrating.

Don’t overdo with Fancy Techniques – There are a number of tips, tricks and techniques in which water can be taken in infinite innovative ways to produce a range of positive outcomes like spotless skin, perfect gastrointestinal functioning and weight loss. Say for example, guzzling down 2 liters of warm water at a go in the wee hours of the morning right after waking up can be mentioned as one.

While many of these techniques are guaranteed to produce surprising benefits, it is always better to start slow and steady giving ample time to your system to adjust with the excesses.