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Top 10 Health Tips You Didn’t Know

 iStock_000016553198Medium-woman-exercisingIn life, there a lot that we need to learn so as to live a health life. There are several tips and tricks of health most of us don’t know yet. Here is a list of some of those help tips:

10. Action and perseverance
To be armed with some great techniques and tips can be fine, but unless you truly do exactly what you usually learn and make sure, you do it consistently. This is all about lifestyles most of us live and if not properly managed through right actions and perseverance, it can be so dangerous. 

9. Relationships
A quite number of researches have shown that to be happy and healthy, people need to create very strong relationships and support networks. For instance, to have friends is a good thing for our health is several ways. It’s therefore advised to dedicate sometime of your day to be with your loved ones. In fact, women tend to release happy hormones (endorphins) from just gossiping!

8. Stress
In general, stress can be healthy for humans as it pushes individuals to keep working harder in order to achieve certain goals in life. However, on the other hand, continual and extreme stress can lead to headaches, anxiety, fatigue and even insomnia. Stress is caused by various factors and to control it is based on various factors as well. In this case the best solution lies with analysing the lifestyle as well as assessing what is exactly in life is out of control. For instance, if you are just stressed just because you feel overweight, then you should do anything about that. 

7. Digestion
One of the good health cornerstones is digestion. If a person has bad digestion, then the body becomes unable to absorb the much-needed nutrients from what’s eaten. A healthy bowel prevents illness and makes you feel and look healthier. Constipation can cause headaches and joint and muscle pain. The digestive system directly communicates with the rest of the body and affects significantly the overall health. Increasing fiber in daily diet is one way of improving your digestion process. Drinking enough water is also important for your digestion. 

6. Sleep
Most of us live very busy lives and in most cases, sleep is one that is sacrificed so you can cram enough on daily basis. Minimised quality and quantity of sleep can cause a suppressed immune system. This will eventually make you vulnerable to illness, increased stress and grogginess. For adults, quality and quantity sleep should be between 6 to 8 hours every night. 

5. Cardio exercise
In all healthy plans available, exercise must be included. Body exercises are so crucial to the living of great life full of energy, being healthier and aging in a better manner. Exercises affect all aspects of our lives, including the stress levels, digestion and sleep patterns. It’s important to experiment with different types of exercises to find out what suits you best. To have a healthier body, its ideal to do some cardio exercises almost every day and some flexibility and resistance training exercises at least three times per week. 

4. Eat right
Apart from ensuring good digestion as discussed above, eating right is very important to provide enough energy to your body. Choose the foods with right nutrients. For instance, having a heavy breakfast of necessary carbohydrates, proteins and fat is recommended. Consult your dietician to suggest the right diet plan for you. 

3. Avoid bad diet plans
Dieting or just having some food plans, which deviates from a person’s usual eating habits will eventually lead to a failure. In short, diets are simply not pleasurable or inconvenient and not sustainable as well. Always introduce right foods into your daily diet plans. 

2. Accountability
Whenever you start a new routine or habit, can sometimes need motivation and willpower to get started. But the truth is, you don’t need to be motivated to brush your teeth every morning, nor should you for doing the healthy habits. In simple terms, everyone should be accountable on what they do. 

1. Preparation
In order to develop a good habit in our lives, preparation should be the foundation of anything. Basically, preparation determines your target goals. In this case, creating an action plan that involves all aspects of life is good for your healthy living. 

In conclusion, since there are so many health tips you don’t know yet, with the top ten discussed above can be of great help to you. Just pick some of them and slowly incorporate them into your life foe healthy living.

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