Top Exercise Tips

Top 10 Easy Exercises For Your Health

pilates-sm1You don’t have to be a hardcore-athlete to boost your stamina and overall health. Performing moderate exercise on a daily basis can keep away heart diseases and many other chronic diseases, as well as boost your overall health. Any amount of physical activity, when done on a regular basis can improve your strength and flexibility. Read on to know about top 10 easy exercises that will best benefit your health.

10. Pilates

 Pilates, originally introduced to provide extensive fitness training to dancers and athletes has now become quite popular among regular fitness enthusiasts.PracticingPilates at least 3 times a week can help you attain flexibility, and strengthen the core muscles. It also helps stretch vertebrae,strengthen the spine, increase height, and improves blood circulation in the body.

9. Yoga

 Yoga has is an ancient practice designed to deal with all kinds of health complications in a natural way. Anyone can do yoga regardless of age and health challenges. There are thousands of yoga postures that you’ll come across on your journey to a healthy body through yoga. It not only gives you a health body, but also sharp and active mind.

8. Dancing

 If you simply love to dance, be it Salsa or hip hop or Bharatnatyam or, then consider joining a dance class as it makes an excellent heart healthy exercise. Dancing can keep your heart healthy, as well keep your in shape.

7. Weight-training Exercise

 Weight training exercise play a major role in keeping the body fit and toned. Whatever exercise you choose to perform, it should be done a minimum of 3 times with 15 repetitions. Weight training exercises can include bench press, triceps, biceps, squats, quadriceps and so on.

6. Circuit or Interval Training

 Mix up a cardio, if a good stint of aerobic exercise just don’t go well with your mood. Circuit training, for example, can include 3 minutes of cardio, followed by one strength-training exercise or a very high intensity cardio of one minute.

Alternatively, you can also choose 5 to 10 strength-training exercises and perform one set of 15 reps each, doing lower weight while moving very quickly from one exercise to another to keep the heart rate up. This will better your muscular strength, heart health and endurance.

5. Cycling

 This cardiovascular activity is pretty easy on joints. Cycling is indeed a low impact exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere, even when heading for your office or school. Make effective use of your cycling time to keep your mind and body healthy. You may consider joining a cycling club if you need to feel motivated. While your heart is pumping, you’ll also build strength in your lower body and workout on core muscles.

4. Swimming

 The pool may seem like a good place to float around lazily on weekends, but the water can give your body a full fitness dose. Swimming laps will not only improve your health of your heart, but also provide multi-directional resistance to improve the muscular strength. This is a very safe alternative for people having joint problems.

3. Skipping the Rope

 Skipping is not just meant for girls to have fun in the part. There is a reason that this game was invented and children were asked to play it during their developing years. Skipping is a cardiovascular exercise that not only maintains your heart health, but also takes care of your muscular health. It also boosts your coordination level. You can also put weights to your skipping rope to tone your muscles.

2. Running

 Even though it seems more difficult than walking, running is a good way to maintain a healthy heart. If there are no physical limitations, running can prove to be an excellent way to exercise your core muscles without putting in too much. Bonus is that 10 minutes of running at a steady rate everyday can also help you lose weight.

1 Go Walking

 Walking in the morning or evening is a super easy way to keep your body fit and active. Walking is also a good way to enjoy the season and stay connected to the nature, while taking care of your heart health. Even a five minute walk can add up a lot in terms of longevity. If you walk twice a day for 10 minutes each, make sure you do it at a place that is calm and away from hustles and bustles of daily life.