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Top 10 Most Sought-After Junk Foods

Mischievously flavorful, bold and uncaring, full of follies and yet so much in demand… there are so many reasons why Junk Food is never going to lack our attention. You may have imagined in your spare time, the level of drama, action, romance and comedy that actually goes on in your plate full of favorite junk food every time you pick it up. However, the thrill of eating junk food can end with a crash once you get to know the truth behind its inherent nutritional value which does nothing to enhance health but take from it.

Take a look at these very common options of junk food that is available at every nook and corner of not just the western countries but the world over and decide for yourself how far you would like to go with these appetizing options…

junk foods

1) Big loaded Burgers and Pizzas – At present, almost all fast food chains serve small, medium and large burgers and pizzas with innumerable fillings and toppings each of which can amount to adding 300 to 700 calories or more per serving. Depending upon the grease and ingredients used, a mighty dose of fat and trans-fat also gets introduced to the system.

2) Fries of all sorts – A box of medium to large salted or unsalted French fries is sure to claim 300 to 500 calories. Depending upon the dips and the ketchup you use, add another 50 to 80 calories to it. Similarly fried food like corn fritters can add 120 calories to your diet per piece. A single serving could thus, pile up 500 calories or more.

3) Potato chips / cheese puffs – A bag of potato chips or corn puffs can be found at any odd time in any odd home at any day or week or month of the year. These popular accompaniments to TV time and game shows can add 400 to 500 calories or more per 100 gm.

4) Sugary cereals – That which seems to make your day in the morning could break your health eventually. With 160 to 250 calories per serving and an additional 70 to 100 with milk cream and other toppings, this could wreak havoc if the size of the servings is not checked.

5) Donuts and associates – 100 grams of donuts can amount to 450 calories or much more depending upon the topping loaded on it. And let’s not forget that one single donut in never enough. If you start eating, you are likely to stop after consuming a whole box.

6) Shattering shakes – If you have ever attempted something as yummy and filling as the large chocolate Oreo shake, you will know why people love to add pounds to the everyday shake. With 2600 calories and more at a single go, there is very little that is left to health! The ordinary shakes loaded with fruits, nuts, milk cream and chocolate can add up to around 550 calories.

7) Flavored Popcorn – 375 calories per 100gm is something we forget while buying tubs after tubs in the movie halls thinking that they are light so they may be healthy as well. Pile it up flavors like coatings of cheese and caramel and you are set to consume over a 1000 calories per liberal helping.

8) Loaded Chocolate bars – 250 calories or more per 10 to 12 grams. Need we say more!

9) Gummy bears and licorice – One tiny gummy bear contains 9 calories and no nutrition content. And it is a fact taken for granted that no one can stop at one!

10) Desserts – Depending upon the contents and serving, any average dessert including pies, cakes, ice creams etc can load up to 400 calories or above. Take two servings and you should be ready to welcome disasters with open arms.

Making alterations and being cautious about the portions is the only way out if you wish to cater to your taste buds while maintaining health.

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