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Does Being Single Really Affect Your Health Negatively

Relationships are important and this is a fact that goes far beyond the scope of social media platforms. Whether you are married, engaged available or single is of crucial importance to those taking a sneak peek into your life. In all honesty, concerns begin to brew among people you may know or not know at all, when you disclose and establish your status as single. The fact that you are all by yourself somehow grants a range of well wishers every liberty to pass on a few tip tricks and techniques to instantly draw a partner into your life.

This is mainly because ‘being single’ is often linked with quicker and easier deterioration physical and mental system in many ways than one. While this may be true to a certain extent, the definition of being single has changed dramatically over the years. Many myths have been busted and many otherwise unenlightened side of the reality have been brought to light in this course of events. Here are some of the many dismissed myths that will really make you think deep and think clear about whether the existence of a guaranteed relationship guarantee good health as well.

Being single makes you put on weight or, Does it? 

It is a common belief that being single leads a person to feast on lard mainly to fill up the gap caused by the absence of a partner in life. Such hazardous indulgences however, been seen in cases of thorough depression than being single. If a certain someone is single not by his / her choice and it is leading to loneliness and depression in his / her life, there is a possibility that the concerned individual with binge eat to fill the gap.

However, this is just as much possible in cases of those who may be in a bad relationship than none at all. In fact, if a concerned person is happily single, he / she may become more fitness inclined, thus land with a better shape than ever before.

Being single makes you lonely and self centered or, Does it? 

Spending quality time with your partner day in and day out is a Utopian belief. There are just about infinite examples of cases where people who are engaged, married or even dating try to get away from each other to enjoy some ‘alone time’, which is often considered rather termed therapeutic. When you are single, this alone time is often inflated which gives people the impression that you have become lonely and are in desperate need of help and attention.

self centered

However, the fact is your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife are not the only people in your life. Friends and family are just as important and can always come forth to listen to you and stand by you when you need them around. You can spend quality time with them, be concerned about them and also play an important role in their lives without feeling left out or lacking in something.

Being single takes a toll on your heart or does it? 

Many researches have shown that people who are single are slightly more at risk at developing heart conditions than the ones who are not. However, there is no guarantee that a bad relationship will not cause just as much stress that can lead to worse.

If you take a deeper look at the matter, you will realise that it is not being single or double that is the issue here. What truly makes a difference is how happy you are in the status that you are.