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Top Tips For Making 6th Of August, Fresh Breath Day Worthwhile

For all the ills that humans have discarded as they marched from pre history to the modern civilization, bad breath does not seem to be one in the list. In fact, it is one of those factors that establish the inseparable link that still exists between us the evolved bipeds with our Stone Age ancestors. However, irrespective of the loving bonds of smelly breath we share with our fossilized forefathers of thousands of years ago, bad breath is an abomination that has been labeled as unacceptable today.

fresh breath

In very simple words, you cannot move around civilized society with your mouth smelling like some odd alien had been trapped between your teeth for months and died on the spot unnoticed with its body yet to be recovered from behind your epiglottis. It is a kind of infliction you make on unsuspecting listeners to your close range conversations, who would refuse to lend their ears to you ever again in the near or far future. If bad breath has been a problem with you lately or ever since you remember possessing a mouth, you can make 6th of August a good reason to have matters sorted out.

6th of August has been marked as Fresh Breath Day for the very reason to make people wake up to the urgencies of their oral health needs. Bad breath, which is often reflective of the fact that you have not been brushing properly or adequately can also, be a reflection of more severe issues that may be shaping inside your mouth. So, take the clue and initiate the much necessary changes in favor or your oral health in this national Fresh Breath Day. Here are a few good ways you can make this day worthwhile…

Go for a complete oral check up – Do take your appointment before hand and land up in your dentist’s office early on the 6th of August. Let the expert take a good look at what is going on inside your mouth and suggest remedies to not just decaying tooth but bring your notice to the inner lying reasons of perpetual bad breath. For all you know, you may also win some additional discount on the services this day!

Say NO to nicotine and alcohol – Smoking and alcohol are 2 very potent reasons for causing killer bad breath that just does not seem to disappear with regular brushing or mouthwash. Considering the more lethal effects that these habits result in, there could be no better day than the 6th of August to initiate the process of quitting.

Devote this day to healthy diet and plenty of fluids – What goes into your gastrointestinal system matters in every possible way when it comes to bad breath. Fresh healthy greens with plenty of fluids like fresh fruit juice and water help fight bad breath from its very roots. So, devote this day to starting afresh with healthy diet and see the difference almost immediately.