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5 Drinking Habits That Can Cause Weight Gain

The 21st century has been focusing on the importance of fluids and how it effects and affects the health of people in infinite different ways. More often than not, the subject seems to arise these days in the context of weight management. From fluid diets strategies to a range of different pro health juices, from a healthy intake of 8 glasses of water per day to switching to low calorie sodas; a whole lot of hullabaloo has been seen to rage through the masses about how to do it right with fluids.

However, the question that really matters here is whether you are doing it right or whether you are slipping without knowing it. Here are 5 drinking habits which may appear to be very healthy but may in turn end up adding the unnecessary pounds and layers of flabs under your skin…

1) Padding up smoothies – Smoothies can be your best friend when it comes to losing weight or maintaining it. However, when you end up adding too much to your smoothies, it loses its value as an ingredient for losing the pounds. Adding milk, crème, sugar, excessive nuts / dry fruits or even syrups and chocolate toppings can end up creating a concoction of over 100 calories in one go!

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2) Excessive coffee intake – Most weight watchers are seen to indulge in coffee for the kick it offers to start the day with energy. However, as you move to the 4th cup of the day, fatigue kicks right back in because of a dulling effect created in the adrenalin gland. This could also prevent you from hitting the treadmill or your gym after a day at work because you would simply ‘not feel up to it’ thus, resulting in slow and steady weight gain.

3) A little red wine at dinner – A little red wine after dinner is great for your heart and digestion. However, not knowing how little is too little, makes all the difference. If you guzzle down a bottle or even half a bottle after the last meal of the day and follow the routine for at least 5 days a week, the effects of controlling calories since the beginning of the day can flat on your face.

4) Banking faith on diet sodas – Diet sodas flash the fact that they use zero calorie sweeteners which has got the masses glued to these drink options. The truth is, the mechanism of the human body is slightly more complex than fooling calories. It has been seen through infinite researches that people who have developed diet soda habit are more prone to gaining weight than those who drink the ordinary sodas but in restricted quantities.

5) Traditional Tea habits – Tea has been named as one of the most compatible components in any diet for weight loss. However, adding milk, cream and a few cubes of sugar can counter the cause of shedding the pounds especially when 3 cups or more are consumed every day!

Developing healthy drinking habits requires prior enlightenment. Chalking out your own solutions depending upon untried and untested solutions can be counterproductive. Reading up through reliable resources and seeking professional help can help you get to the best solutions as far as locating the right fluids for losing weight is concerned.