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5 Well-Planned Snacks That Help In Burning Fat

If there is one common dream that people in the world share besides establishing world peace and owning a lavish beach side property, it is the dream to snack to the fullest yet lose weight. Many people also have walked miles to discover options that suck the adipose away every time you take a bite! This is time however, to wake up and face the ultimate truth about snacking or, eating per se… every bite that you eat contains calories and when gone unchecked, you will end up putting on the pounds.

On a brighter note though, you can opt for well planned snacks that will complement your calorific and nutritional requirements which will eventually ensure that you don’t develop a muffin top or a double chin or other such devastations. For this your well planned snacks will have to be rich in…

  • Proteins, (around 10 grams)
  • Fiber (at least 5 grams)
  • A dash of carbohydrates, and
  • Calories that will never exceed 200.

Proteins which is an essential nutritional ingredient will ensure boosting muscle mass than fat; fiber will ensure regulating sugar in the body while scraping the GI system clean and a dash of carbohydrates that will provide the energy to help proteins form muscles. As far as staying within 200 calories is concerned, here are 5 options of pro weight loss snacks that you can consider…

Lean turkey spread on wholegrain bread – For this, all you will need is a thin slice of seasoned lean turkey and a piece of wholegrain bread put the two together and munch on. The lean turkey will offer high quality proteins, while the wholegrain bread will offer fiber and complex carbohydrates.

best diet foods

Apple with Peanut Butter – Take one medium sized apple and cut it into 4 parts. Spread two spoons of peanut butter equally on the apples and enjoy a filling and tasty snack. In this snack, peanut butter will offer the protein content, while the apple along with the skin will provide fiber and minimal carbohydrates. You can substitute peanut butter with skimmed milk also.

Apple with Peanut Butter

Canned Tuna on Toast – All you will need to prepare this snack is canned tuna which is power packed with proteins and a piece of wholegrain bread, toasted to your preference. Pile the tuna on the toast and enjoy! This is one of those snacks that will offer you the additional benefits of omega 3 as well.

Canned Tuna on Toast

Berry Smoothie – For this snack, you will need to take a cupful of berries of your choice, ½ cup Greek yogurt, ½ cup water, 1 teaspoon honey and a spoonful of protein powder. Blend all the ingredients in a blender till smooth and enjoy!

Berry Smoothie

Protein Bars – A well chosen protein bar could come as a welcome solution to your healthy snacking needs. Choose a bar that sports a dependable brand and remains well within 200 calories per pack. The right options will offer you the suggested dosage of protein with the necessary fiber content.

In each case however, you will have to ensure managing your portions and keep a conscious control on how many times you snack through the day in the best diet plan that you sketch. If you are not too careful, you may end up exceeding the basic 2000 calorie diet requirement which will kill the cause of healthy snacking in the first place.